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About Me

In addition to my marvelous acting career, I led a busy double-life for many years as a stand-up comic. Some of my more notable performances included Emceeing for headliners and my sometimes Uncle, Mike Marino at the Ha Ha Cafe Comedy Club, as well as producing my own show, Marvelous Ms. Monday's at the Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank.  

I've been described as having the looks of “a young Fran Drescher” the comedic timing of "Marissa Tomei" with the voice likeness to Chandler Bing's girlfriend Janice from Friends!

Born and raised on the east coast, I spent most of my time between Sayville, Long Island, The Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts, and New York City's west side before relocating to southern California!  I'm a proud graduate of The Art of Acting / the Stella Adler Acting Studio, honed my improv skills at The Groundlings in performance and writing, and I got to spend a summer abroad in London to study at LAMDA’s Summer Shakespeare program.

While still acting in films, web series, animation, and commercials, COVID has made me reassess my priorities and I’ve decided to shift gears from performing stand-up comedy to writing comedies. Currently, I am taking TV writing classes at UCLA but my writing background in stand-up and at The Groundlings has certainly made the transition much easier. And my dating life… oh, wait, COVID 19… lack of dating life, has made the transition hilarious.

On the big and little screen, catch me opposite Garrett Clayton, Jordan Doww, and Joey Bragg in the feature film, REACH and soon-to-be-released holiday family comedy, Four Cousins and a Christmas starring Terri Polo, Nicholas Turturro, Robert Davi!





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Live at the Ha Ha Comedy Club

Original Pilots

InBetween Slide One poster.jpg

In Between | Pilot
Logline: Dalia struggles with her transition of being in between jobs, men and her two siblings: older sister who has it all and younger brother who can do no wrong while Dalia and her BFF Mikey embark on unique and unlikely entrepreneurial venture.

1/2 comedy, Comparison Shrill, New Girl, Rami and The Mindy Project

Image by Hannah Morgan

Fashionista Mostro | Pilot
Logline: Rags to riches story about Amal who uses her beauty and talents to break through all stereotypes and barriers in a male dominated era creating a global fashion empire in the 1950's. 

Original 1 hour drama, Drama 1950's period piece one hour, loosely based on the entrepreneurial success of Coco Chanel. 

Spec Scripts


shrill | Spec Script
Logline:  Annie goes undercover for the Weekly Thorne at The Portland Oregon Beauties Contest. This will make or break Annie's career.

Spec script based on the hit Hulu TV show